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Transforming traditional and established systems is not an easy task. It's a collective and collaborative effort. Learn more on the many ways you can partner with us.

We are grateful to the 70+ funders, donors, technology and organizational partners for their support and trust over the past 8+ years, and for believing in our work. They are essential to our collective success, their support enables us to expand our impact and scale our mission.

And we are excited to see more and more local experts and leaders join the 40+ countries and 300+ experts that are part of the Network today and lead impactful projects and initiatives in their countries and communities.

Together, we can amplify and unleash the Power of Local, and innovate a new system where the growing challenges of our planet are met with an abundance of local solutions.

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What are Flying Labs

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Learn more on how to create a Flying Labs in your country, become part of an existing Flying Labs and support the Network and WeRobotics with your expertise. Learn More
ways you can collaborate and support WeRobotics work

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Are you a funder, donor, technology company or social good organization? Learn more on the many ways we can collaborate, partner and join forces for the Power of Local. Learn More
WeRobotics advocates for localization models

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Are you an INGO that is motivated to localize with a bottom-up approach? Are you a local non-profit or social enterprise and you want to scale your solution globally? Learn More