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WeRobotics Webinar Featuring OpenAerialMap

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September 21st, 2016

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Earlier this week WeRobotics hosted a Webinar featuring presentations by two members of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). After a brief introduction from Patrick Meier, the president of HOT’s board of directors, Blake Giradot, spoke about the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and how they use aerial imagery, setting the stage for OpenAerialMap. After that, Nathan Smith took us into an in-depth overview of how OpenAerialMap works, showing us the interface and features.

Below is a link to the entire webinar as a youtube playlist consisting of 3 videos. In addition, you can find a link to Nathan’s OpenAerialMap slide presentation here: OAM Slide Presentation - Sep 16.

Learn more about OpenAerialMap at, and read up on the project’s documentation at In addition check out HOT’s update to their PacDID project, and be sure to follow OpenAerialMap at thanks again to Nathan and Blake for speaking at our webinar - we’re proud to have OpenAerialMap as one of our technology partners.


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