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WeRobotics Partners with Elevate Africa UAS Summit 2024

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April 30th, 2024

Elevate Africa Summit

The Flying Labs Network is continually growing in strength and size, expanding organically across the diverse landscapes of the Global South. With each new Flying Labs, the Network’s collaborative spirit blooms, nurturing local and regional drone ecosystems and inviting more changemakers to the table of empowerment through emerging technologies. At WeRobotics, we are honored to partner with the local leaders and experts of the Flying Labs Network, standing shoulder to shoulder as they champion technology's role in social good through use cases, training and advocacy through workshops, conferences and other events. Together, we celebrate the reverberation of Flying Labs Network’s impact across Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia/Pacific.

We are therefore thrilled to announce our partnership with the Elevate Africa UAS Summit, organized by Kenya Flying Labs, Africa Drone Forum, Pravesh, and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, among other key stakeholders. The summit will take place from June 28th to June 29th, 2024, convening stakeholders in the country and region – including other Flying Labs in Africa – to strengthen discussion and innovation around the future of drone technology in Africa, Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), drone safety, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and sector applications in agriculture, public health, logistics, disaster risk reduction, and climate change.  

The first day will be held at the Argyle Grand Hotel in Nairobi. Here, drone professionals, government stakeholders, and the wider industry will gather to share innovative solutions across various sectors. The second day will be held at Konza Technopolis, where various drone companies will be showcasing their UAS technology to various stakeholders. The event will also witness the launch of the state-of-the-art drone corridor at Konza, providing an opportunity for companies across the globe to test their UAS innovations in Kenya.

This event will not only bring the industry together in Kenya but will go a long way in providing an excellent opportunity for the UAS ecosystem to gather and interact with opportunities within Africa as a whole. We are extremely honored to be partnering with WeRobotics to make this summit a success.

— Cleopa Otieno, CEO, Kenya Flying Labs

As part of our partnership, WeRobotics, and Flying Labs, will actively participate in sessions, sharing our expertise and insights to contribute to meaningful discussions on leveraging UAS for social good in Africa. We are excited to collaborate with Elevate Africa to foster innovation, inspire action, and drive positive impact.

To learn more about how to participate in the Elevate Africa Summit, head over to or contact the organizing team at



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