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WeRobotics and Frey Charitable Foundation Join Hands for Social Impact

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February 6th, 2024

Zambia Flying Labs inspiring drones

We are thrilled to announce our three-year partnership with the Frey Charitable Foundation. This collaboration, built on a shared conviction that emerging technologies are an essential part of empowering communities to prosper in their local environments, promises to expand our collective impact and drive positive change.

At WeRobotics, our mission is centered around amplifying the power of local expertise to multiply sustainable solutions for development, aid, and climate, driven by local actors and supported by appropriate robotics technologies. The Frey Charitable Foundation is dedicated to empowering people to actively shape their own lives, with Social Entrepreneurship as the key. It’s the Swiss family foundation’s belief that social entrepreneurship, combined with emerging technologies and platforms are of fundamental importance in achieving this. This perfectly aligns the foundation’s convictions with WeRobotics’ work supporting and connecting the Flying Labs Network. Together, we envision a future where local experts harness emerging technologies to drive positive social change across diverse sectors. 

As we embark on this journey, our joint efforts will focus on growing the Flying Labs Network, implementing various initiatives geared towards long-term sustainability, and expanding the impact of our inclusive networks model and the Power of Local.

We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership holds and the positive outcomes we will achieve together. Visit the Frey Charitable Foundation’s blog to read more about our partnership, and stay tuned for updates on our partnership as well as the inspiring impact stories that will undoubtedly emerge from them.



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