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Welcoming Jessie to our Board!

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January 25th, 2018

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I had the good fortune of collaborating with Jessie Mooberry years ago when she worked on the Syria Airlift Project at UpLift Aeronautics, the world's first humanitarian drone cargo NGO. As vice director of Uplift Aeronautics, Jessie managed policy, stakeholders, ran UAV missions, and managed a virtual team of fifty stakeholders from around in the globe including humanitarians, government, military, academia, and industry.

Today, Jessie is head of deployment at Altiscope, an A^3 project by Airbus dedicated to bringing together policymakers, technologists and NGOs to modernize air traffic management. In her role, she works with global partners to build flexible and sustainable tools and policies. Previously, she was Co-founder and CRO of SwarmX, an enterprise drone solution ecosystem provider in SE Asia for top energy companies. There she led strategic relationships, managed product development, and worked with government to shape policy for UAV.

Jessie is also a technologist at the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford where she teaches on Drones for Good. She was one of the first to obtain a commercial drone license in the US. She is a commercial UAV expert and advises many emerging drone companies. Jessie also sits on the board of People’s Light in Malvern, Pa and is a Social Enterprise Fellow and Mentor for the Ariane de Rothschild Foundation.

I'm thrilled and very grateful that Jessie accepted our invitation to join the Advisory Board of WeRobotics. She brings a wealth of directly relevant expertise and contacts to our mission. More importantly, she is deeply passionate and genuinely committed to using technology for the better good.

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