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Webinar: Shrinking Healthcare Expenses with Drone Delivery

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June 5th, 2024

Redwing Webinar

Imagine living in a remote village where the nearest hospital is a day's journey away. The roads are rough, public transportation is insufficient, and reaching essential medical care means sacrificing time and money you can’t afford. This is the reality for many rural communities in India. 

We often think of out-of-pocket expenses in medical care as the cost of consulting a doctor or purchasing medication. However, there are also non-medical costs associated with healthcare – like travel, food, and accommodation for those traveling great distances to receive medical attention. Such a great hindrance are these expenses, often adding up to almost 50% of total healthcare expenditure for low-income families, that many opt to forego medical attention altogether. In this way, poor transport infrastructure and inadequately equipped local medical facilities cost us far more than just money.

Drone delivery emerges as an extraordinary solution. For two years Redwing Labs has operated the largest drone delivery network in India, using the technology to overcome these hurdles and make healthcare more accessible than ever to communities in the country’s rural pockets. In our latest webinar, Redwing’s Co-founder, Rishabh Gupta, and Head of Business Development Partnerships, Kundan Madireddy, share the insights they have picked up from this important work, providing valuable context within which we can think about the potential of drones in transforming the medical industry in Global South countries.

More and more, drones are becoming lifelines for remote areas, delivering critical medical supplies, test samples, and vaccines in record time. As our panelists reveal, the technology aids the decentralization of healthcare services by creating virtual infrastructure and has been found to be applicable in a wide range of use cases and geographies. And beyond demonstrating the power of technology, Redwing’s experiences offer a glimpse of the communities whose lives are impacted when the means to create change is in the hands of local experts. Consider the mother who no longer has to walk miles with her sick child to the nearest clinic, or the elderly man who receives his monthly medication without the grueling journey to the region’s major hospital. By keeping more money in families’ pockets and easing the cost of access to healthcare, we can empower whole communities, allowing them to invest in education, agriculture, and local business instead. 

Watch the webinar now and be inspired as Redwing Labs shares their impact and the learnings gathered on their journey to enhance healthcare logistics and community resilience using drone delivery. 

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