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Webinar on Cargo Drone Tests in the Amazon Rainforest

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November 28th, 2017


In our latest webinar WeRobotics co-founder Patrick Meier spoke about our most recent cargo drone field tests in the Peruvian Amazon. The field tests were a first for Latin America, using a dozen cargo drones (different models) and a range of payloads (medicines, diagnostic tests, blood samples) and distances (2km to 120km). The tests were also unique because they were carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Health and BD, a leading, multi-billion dollar medical technology company. The resulting report is itself unique because it is the only detailed and transparent report on cargo drones publicly available. You can find the detailed report, along with videos and high resolution photos, on our website.

The Webinar concluded with a short overview of our upcoming cargo drone field tests in the Dominican Republic, as well as multiple questions from the audience answered by Patrick. If you are interested in our future webinars, feel free to join our Google Group for updates.


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