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Watch These Cargo Drones Bring Essential Health Services to Remote Communities

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February 12th, 2020


We’re delighted to share DJI’s video on the cargo drone project led by Dominican Republic Flying Labs and WeRobotics. The public health project was a joint partnership with Pfizer and included the delivery of essential medicines from a regional hospital to two remote health facilities. The full report on this project is available here.

Flying Labs are local knowledge hubs led entirely by local experts who work on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by leveraging robotics solutions like cargo drones. Flying Labs are operational in 25+ countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and are increasingly engaged in using cargo drones for public health. For example, Peru Flying Labs delivered medicines and blood samples in the Amazon Rainforest with BD. Nepal Flying Labs collected TB samples from remote clinics in Pyuthan with BNMT. Papua New Guinea Flying Labs ran cargo drone demos with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and Cameroon Flying Labs will soon be collecting patient samples for Polio testing with the CDC and World Health Organization. 

Also, we have worked on cargo drone projects with our partners in Brazil to reduce Zika and in Fiji to reduce Dengue. Last but not least, we offer a professional online course on the use of cargo drones for medical delivery. Participants who complete the course receive a certificate signed by MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, and WeRobotics.



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