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Tech Webinar: EMLID, Hummingbird Technologies, and Inflights Share Insights, Innovations

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January 27th, 2021

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Our mission is to shift power back to local experts by ensuring that innovators with local knowledge and lived experience have the leadership opportunities they seek to implement technology for good projects themselves. So when we see new ideas and cool technology, we want to share it with the Flying Labs network and the WeRobotics community. That's why we recently launched our "Tech Webinar" series to share our findings and the companies' insights with everyone. Each Tech Webinar session features two-to-three companies that propose something new or innovative, like a software or hardware solution that can help address social challenges, in short presentations and a Q&A period.

Last year, our first Tech Webinar session welcomed three innovative companies to discuss their work and what makes them groundbreaking. In this Tech Webinar, you'll learn from:

  • EMLID: You’ll learn how to get centimeter accuracy using Reach receivers for drone mapping. There is a simple workflow for placing GCPs and setting up RTK corrections for a drone with Reach receivers. You'll also learn how to choose a receiver for your projects.
  • Hummingbird TechnologiesHummingbird Technologies is an agri-tech data analytics company operating across 6 continents that utilises remote sensing tools such as satellites, drones, and crewed aircraft.
  • Inflights: Inflights' vision is to substantially increase the global usage of drone mapping data. Using the Inflights platform, clients can order flights allocated to the best pilot, taking into account the necessary equipment, the airspace situation, and the flight mission's distance.

Watch the recording from this Tech Webinar below and sign up here to receive updates about future news and events.



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