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Switzerland here we come

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February 27th, 2017

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WeRobotics sets up its Swiss entity in Geneva

WeRobotics having co-founders both in the USA and Switzerland (we are actually split equally, with Patrick and Andrew living in the USA and Sonja and Adam calling Switzerland their home), our goal from the very beginning was to set up headquarter entities in both countries. And a good year after having set up our headquarters in the USA and having obtained the 501C3 status and a first grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, we are very happy to announce that we are now also a registered entity in Switzerland.

We have chosen Geneva as our Swiss home as it allows us to be close to the many NGOs and UN agencies, like Medair and UNDP, that we already work with actively or will seek collaboration in the close future. In addition to seeking collaborations, the goal of our Swiss entity is to extend our fundraising activities in Switzerland and Europe as well as coordinate projects out of Switzerland. Our first project on Swiss ground is the design of a mechanism to release sterilized mosquitos with drones to supress aedes (ZIKA) mosquito populations, in collaboration with the FAO/IAED in Vienna and funded by USAID.

Our Swiss entity could not have been set up without the highly appreciated pro-bono legal advice offered by LALIVE. And it could not be run today without the pro-bono work provided to us by BEAU HLB, our trusted advisor for our finances. Being a non-profit in still its early stages, we could not afford such top-notch advice for our legal as well as financial matters today and we would like to thank LALIVE and BEAU HLB dearly for believing in us and helping us to get started in Switzerland.

Thanks also to Le Temps who has already honoured our arrival in Geneva with a first article.


LALIVE is an international and independent law firm headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Qatar. It is renowned for its expertise and experience in international legal matters and advises a range of clients throughout the world including governments, corporates, non-profit organisations and individuals. The firm has a long tradition of active involvement in the community, and regularly engages in pro bono legal work as well as fosters initiatives designed to promote legal education and enforcement.

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As a full-service group, BEAU HLB offers since 2002 a comprehensive fiduciary portfolio for businesses and private individuals alike – covering legal and tax, accounting, auditing and wealth-management services. BEAU HLB is a member of HLB International network and Fiduciaire Suisse. Over the past decade, BEAU HLB has grown quickly yet congruously, making it one of the leading fiduciary service providers in Western Switzerland. BEAU HLB also operates offices in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.


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