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Sign On to the Drone Charter on Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

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September 3rd, 2020


Flying Labs and WeRobotics launched this Drone Charter because many local experts across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and beyond are being excluded from projects and meaningful leadership opportunities within their own countries. As new Flying Labs have joined the network, the number of signatories who support the charter’s principles of inclusion and equal opportunity has also grown. However, this charter needs to go beyond the Flying Labs network, which is why we are now inviting all partners, allies, like-minded organizations, and individuals to publicly express their support of these principles by becoming a formal signatory.   

To become a signatory, please read the updated charter (English: Google Doc, PDF; Español: Google Doc, PDF) and add your name here. We are particularly keen to welcome donors, international organizations, drone hardware companies, drone software companies, and governments to become signatories to this charter. Your vocal support for greater inclusion and equal opportunity in the drone industry and technology for good space is essential to changing mindsets and increasing the positive social impact of drones.



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