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Introducing our Technology Partners, Software and Robots

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September 7th, 2016


Our mission at WeRobotics is to make appropriate robotics solutions accessible to local partners who need them the most. We match specific robotics technologies to the specific local challenges that our partners in developing countries are working hard to solve. We then provide expert, hands-on training to ensure that they’re fully able to use the robotics platforms safely and effectively. To ensure our partners achieve their goals also requires that we transfer relevant software along with selected robotics solutions. This is where our network of leading technology partners comes in.

We’ve been working hard since we launched WeRobotics to secure these strategic partnerships, so that our local partners can have access to a growing number of preferred robotics and software solutions. In return, we offer our technology partners a range of opportunities to engage in practical social good projects. Please get in touch to learn more about these projects, and to join our growing network!

And now to to introduce you to our technology partners whose software and robots have become core to our expertise.


On the robotics front, we’re very pleased to count DJI, Parrot, senseFly as well as DanOffice, OpenROV, and Vayu as preferred partners. These important partnerships give our local partners access to DJI Phantoms, DJI Inspires, Parrot Bebops (and soon Parrot Discos), senseFly eBees, DanOffice’s long-range Cumulus UAV, OpenROV’s underwater Trident robots and Vayu’s hybrid cargo delivery platform. On the software side, we’re very excited to count on Pix4D, MapBox, OpenAerialMap, and ESRI—including their Drone2Map solution—as leading partners in our growing technology network. These software platforms enable our local partners to process, analyze, and host aerial data using the most sophisticated software solutions available.

So if you’re a local organization doing outstanding work, and one or more of the above technologies can help you double the impact of your humanitarian, development, agriculture, public health, or environmental efforts, then please get in touch. We have the core expertise in relevant robotics and software solutions and invite you for the opportunity to transfer this expertise to your team. In the meantime, we’d like to thank sincerely our network of technology partners for sharing our vision and supporting our mission.

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