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Introducing Our New Websites!

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June 18th, 2018

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You may have noticed a bit of a slowdown in our blogging activity over the past couple weeks. That's because we were working very hard on finalizing our new websites for today's launch! Our original WeRobotics website was set up over 2 years ago, and so much has evolved since then not least our growing network of Flying Labs. So we're really excited to launch our much improved website for WeRobotics, which conveys both our mission and hard work far better than our original site. We're equally excited to be launching a full website entirely dedicated to our Flying Labs around the world. This website gives the Flying Labs the direct visibility and exposure that they fully deserve.

Many, many long hours and late nights were spent on designing and preparing these new websites, which my fellow co-founder Sonja took the lead on together with Leïla, our long time collaborator. If it weren't for them, we would still be suck with our original website. So huge thanks to Sonja and Leïla for spearheading the design, development and launch of the new WeRobotics and Flying Labs websites! We will continue to update these new sites and add new functionalities over time. For now, we hope you enjoy browsing through the sites and learning more about all the good work happening at WeRobotics and across our growing network of Flying Labs!

ps. and not to worry, we're now getting right back to our usual blogging schedule!

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