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HealthRobotics: How to Launch a Successful Public Health Project Using Cargo Drones

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August 1st, 2019

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International health organizations, governments, major donors, non-governmental organizations and companies are increasingly looking to use cargo drones to improve public health services. So what does it actually take to run cargo drone deliveries for public health? Far more than most realize.

That’s why WeRobotics created the Medical Cargo Drones in Public Health online course as part of HealthRobotics Program to teach people everything they need to know about designing, implementing, partnering and evaluating successful medical cargo drone projects. Drawn directly from WeRobotics' first-hand experiences in half-a-dozen countries and more broadly from lessons learned and best practices across the broad cargo drone space over the past 5 years, the course cuts through the hype to unpack many of the assumptions that drive the discourse in the space, and provide an objective, empirical and candid overview of the current state of cargo drones in health.

WeRobotics developed two versions of this course—the intro version provides an overview of drones in public health before delving into technology and technical challenges as well as a series of real world deployment case studies across the globe. The advanced course then also progresses further through business models, cost analysis, regulations and stakeholder engagement to help trainees comprehensively analyse and develop a cargo drone program for public health. It also offers the opportunity to join monthly calls managed by the instructor to connect with other trainees and discuss course content or any other topic related to cargo drones in public health. Courses can be taken independently, with the option to upgrade from the intro course to the advanced course with a 50 percent discount.

The entire course content—which includes a dedicated folder of optional recommended readings comprising over 30 reports and studies related to medical cargo drones and public health—is updated on a quarterly basis and is built around you: you decide when you want to start and when you’d like to finish—it’s entirely self-paced. And, once you’re finished, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion, signed by WeRobotics for the intro course, and MIT, the University of Pennsylvania and WeRobotics for the advanced level program should you complete the course and all three assignments within three months of start.

Learn more about our HealthRobotics courses and see what it takes to launch a successful cargo drone project for public health!



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