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Dreams and Discoveries: From Pharmaceutical Chemistry to Drone Piloting

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February 12th, 2024


To Victoria, drones were simply gadgets she saw on TV, often associated with aerial photography during weddings. That was before she engaged in Zimbabwe Flying Labs’ Fly for the Future program. Here, the chance to operate a drone opened her eyes to their practical potential in real-life applications, particularly for her as a pharmaceutical chemistry student discovering their role in delivering emergency medicine.

Through our STEM/Youth sector program, the Flying Labs Network is at the forefront of creating new opportunities for youth across the world, providing relevant and demand-driven STEM programs that will nurture the next generation of innovators. What’s more—as Victoria discovered—these programs also offer inclusive and accessible spaces for young people to connect, build communities with like-minded peers, and encourage each other to pursue their diverse interests.

In the impact video below, Victoria shares her experience—proof of the power of technology to propel us into uncharted territories and open our eyes to vast opportunities beyond our initial perceptions. 

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