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From Hangar Floor to Open Skies: Mary Jane Wangari’s Impact Story

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January 12th, 2024

Mary Jane Impact Story

Intrigued by planes since childhood, Mary Jane Wangari's pursuit of aeronautical engineering led her from Kenya to China and back. However, despite her top-notch degree, she found herself confined to mundane maintenance work on planes, disillusioned by a lack of inspiring opportunities. But when she came across Kenya Flying Labs, her trajectory changed. 

The Flying Labs Network impacts real lives, creating opportunities and empowering young people to harness their expertise to transform not just their lives but their communities as well. The beginning of Mary Jane’s story is painfully familiar to so many young people the world over, but today she epitomizes the power of embracing unexpected opportunities in the world of STEM. 

Through such impact stories, witness how the global Flying Labs Network is creating a reality where dreams take flight.



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