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Flying Council Members Share Insights From The Road to

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January 8th, 2021

7 India Flying Labs working with local communities to map an orchard in a tribal village using a drone made in India

In this post, multiple Flying Council members share their insights on the co-creation of as an independent legal entity.

We are confident that the ideas, plans, and strategies drafted during the last few months will build processes and systems that guide measurable and sustainable grassroots impact.

India Flying Labs

The Flying Council presents us with an opportunity to co-create an international body representing the visions and working styles of various other Flying Labs. We are excited to work with WeRobotics in this Flying Council and bring our learnings, experience, and perspectives to the table. We were thrilled at how the co-creation sessions with Flying Labs leaders shaped up and how we can bring our collective wisdom together to lay a strong foundation for a truly international body. We are confident that the ideas, plans, and strategies drafted during the last few months will build processes and systems that guide measurable and sustainable grassroots impact.

Kenya Flying Labs

In the true spirit of democratizing robotics and empowering the Global South, WeRobotics has once more lived up to its motto, the “Power of Local.” For Kenya Flying Labs, participating in the Flying Council co-creation sessions underscores WeRobotics’ founding belief in empowering local experts to own and manage development projects. This not only shifts power with the Flying Labs but also opens greater opportunities for the future.

We see as a platform that will propel the growing number of Flying Labs around the world to greater heights while enabling this grand vision to truly benefit local communities. We liken Flying Labs to “Ubuntu.” Ubuntu, with roots in African humanist philosophy, believes that community is one of the building blocks of society, a concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.

Namibia Flying Labs

Namibia Flying Labs joined the Flying Council to foster positive change for the entire Flying Labs network at large and the next generation of Flying Labs. We were eager to see how we could assist in shifting power to enable a more customised but coordinated workflow for all Flying Labs and empower them to help their communities more effectively and efficiently. We had an incredible out-of-body experience as we attempted to put ourselves in every Lab's shoes. The highlight was that together with the other council members, we could breathe life into the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

With our collective input, we hope that we have done all of the Labs justice, and as an international body, we can soar higher than ever before.

Nepal Flying Labs

It was exciting and captivating to hear about the shift of power during the Flying Labs Retreat in July 2020. For Nepal Flying Labs, the transition plan of transferring the authority from WeRobotics to Flying Labs as a separate legal entity was an opportunity to design and create something new for the global network. This was one of the primary reasons for our interest in being a leader on the Flying Council. At Nepal Flying Labs, we envision to focus more on the four Cs: cooperation, coordination, collaboration, and consistency among Flying Labs. Nepal Flying Labs believe this power shift enables more south-to-south partnerships and expert exchanges in the coming years. 

Nigeria Flying Labs

The Flying Council was created out of the need to co-create both strategies and a roadmap to establish through a series of engaging and interactive workshops. Joining the Flying Council created a platform for Nigeria Flying Labs to develop the structures necessary to build and sustain a collaborative that helps each Flying Lab grow its community impact. Nigeria Flying Labs’ primary motivation is sustainable growth and delivering measurable local impact in the drone industry. 

Panama Flying Labs

Panama Flying Labs was pleased to participate in the initial co-creation phase of the Flying Council. This is just the beginning of a new path towards self-management and self-governance. It is also important to highlight other impressive results obtained from the activity, such as the self-evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that we have as a network. These inputs allow us to implement activities that promote continuous improvement.

It is impressive how the organic growth of the network demands autonomy and how these co-creation sessions allow bringing together all the previous experience of different Labs to plan and design such an ambitious main goal: a legal entity that can satisfy and take care of the network through support, leadership, coaching, and promoting the power of local for robotics and social impact. 

This new stage started in the middle of a challenging year. It’s great to be involved in this transformation.



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