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Drones in Humanitarian Action Meeting

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June 20th, 2016

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thumb_IMG_4677_1024WeRobotics recently had the opportunity to participate in and co-organize the Drones in Humanitarian Action Meeting that took place in Geneva, Switzerland in March of this year. This 2-day meeting, spearheaded by FSD, aimed to provide a progress update on the use of drones in emergency response, to discuss new case studies, and to consolidate any findings and outputs.

The overall aim of this initiative is to provide humanitarian organizations with a road-map for the effective and safe integration of drones as a more efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian assistance. 40 participants were involved in the discussion, including technology experts and representatives of humanitarian NGOs, governments, donors, and two drone manufacturers.


The agenda of the meeting was comprised of sessions covering the following topics:

  • Case Studies and Existing Practice
  • Operationalization by Humanitarian Organizations
  • Mapping Drones and Alternatives
  • Data Sharing and Distribution
  • Emergency Response and Coordination

The results of this discussion will provide the basis for a Guideline Publication on the use of mapping drones in humanitarian action, which will be published later in 2016. 

Click here to read the Drones in Humanitarian Action Meeting Summary Report


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