WeRobotics Consulting Services

Our team brings together over 10 years of professional experience and expertise in scaling the positive impact of social good projects using appropriate robotics solutions. We have worked extensively in humanitarian aid, global development, public health, and environmental protection. Using our extensive expertise in applied robotics, we have carried out dozens of successful robotics projects around the world. More importantly, we are not a manufacturer or for-profit company, and therefore provide completely independent guidance and expertise. Learn more about our team here. We offer following consulting services:

Feasibility Studies

Want to know whether robotics can be a game changer for your organization and/or projects? We carry out an independent study and support you with our expert guidance to answer your questions. We assess if robotics is the right technology for your challenge and provide you with specific recommendations on which robotics solutions are most appropriate to scale your efforts. You’ll get honest, independent guidance to ensure you make the right investment.

Technology Evaluation

Should you invest in purchasing robotics solutions from that new startup that is all over the news? Or should you purchase another company’s platforms even though they’re already quite dated? Let us evaluate the technologies in a neutral and independent manner for you. And we’ll give you our expert assessment so that you make the best investment possible for the specific use-cases you are interested in.

Hands-on Training

Would you like professional hands-on training on how to use robotics for a given project? If you already have access to robotics platforms and want to be trained to make the most of your investment, we provide highly customized hands-on training to ensure you fully succeed in your efforts. We transfer our skills and knowledge to your organization so you can carry out future robotics projects entirely on your own.

Applied Research

Want to learn more about the actual or potential use of robotics in a particular context, project, or social good sector? Need to know what the latest regulations are in your priority countries and how to obtain flight permissions? We can carry out the needed research for you and deliver the result in various formats.

Please contact Patrick Meier for more information.

The following organizations have benefited from our expertise:*

Some of these consulting projects were previously carried out as independent consulting services.