Speaking @ TEDxBerlin



Speaking @ TEDxBerlin

WeRobotics co-founder Patrick Meier recently gave a talk at TEDxBerlin, one of Europe’s largest TEDx events. He spoke about the humanitarian applications of aerial and marine robotics. The TEDx talk covered our endeavors in Nepal and referenced our upcoming missions in countries such as Tanzania and Peru. Patrick stressed how appropriate robotics technologies can empower local communities around the world to scale and sustain positive social change. Some 700 people attended the talk, which was very well received per the positive social media response.

The WeRobotics team would like to give a big thanks to the TEDxBerlin organizers for giving us the amazing opportunity to speak at their event. We’re sure it will influence many more people around the world to continue to change the game, and to change the way in which we live in the future.

Be sure to also check out the other talks from the TEDxBerlin event. In addition, talented artists drew their reactions to Patrick’s talk, and we think the white-board illustrations came out pretty cool. See them below:



Comments (5)

  1. Great Talk Patrick,

    Again let me first thank you for all you are doing in the Humanitarian UAV applications and also for developing the Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct which is greatly helpful as we are setting up operations in Kenya. Great work on uaviators.org and all the yearly expert meeting on UAV applications. Just know we follow closely as you shape the UAV industry.

    1. Many thanks for your kind note, Geoffrey, ours is a big team effort. We’d love to explore the possibility of supporting a Flying Labs in Kenya in coming years. Thanks again!

  2. Well done Dr. Meier. Great to see your presentation and to know your future concept about glacial lake study using swimming robots in Nepal. We did a topographical and hydraulic engineering study of Imja Lake Solukhumbu and the outcome of which is the lowering the waterlevel by 3.5 m. We at KURobotics also are Woking in developing our own robots for this purpose. We look forward to your collaboration with us at KU. Thanks. Dr. Maskey

  3. Great job Dr. Meier, very pertinent presentation to inspire countries located in prone areas (Example Central America countries) to explore such technology to be used during emergency situations, mainly in isolated areas.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sandra, ours is a big team effort. We’re exploring the possibility of co-creating a Panama Flying Labs.